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Legacies is a conservation sabotage game where you pilot your submarine through the coastal waters of Australia, working to save the local sealife from those who seek to plunder its resources. Armed with advanced scientific techniques and a slight disregard for law and order, you're the one that is finally putting things right. You're a healer, a fierce protector, a force for change.

Stealthmisdirection and environmentalism all come together in the game world of Legacies: how will you get rid of the threats to a local coral reef? Will you sabotage the motor of a ship that commonly dumps oil and rubbish there? Will you help heal the coral by attracting specific fish to a dying reef? Will you plant shark pheromones on an illegal exotic fish poacher, ensuring he cannot dive into the water safely?

There are multiple ways to achieve your goal, and you can tailor your gameplay to your personality: violence, stealth, secrecy, espionage and communications, or turning marine biology against its attackers are all possible paths in Legacies.

The main character is blind and as such, the game is built around the concept of full blind acessibility.



Legacies.zip 547 MB